Jubilee Energy specialise in providing power generation equipment for the industrial, residential and commercial fields. We can look after all your power supply needs ranging from a simple camping generator all the way up to multi-megawatt power stations. Whether you want to make a great purchase or looking for generator hire, we have you covered.


We supply the widest range of power generation equipment including the very latest gas and diesel generators. We are a complete one-stop shop providing first-class generator servicing and maintenance as well as the very latest range of generator accessories. We are also active in providing full turnkey projects, offering full installations, testing and commissioning to customer requirements.


Discover Our Range

Here at Jubilee Energy we have power supply solutions to meet your needs. We are committed to quality so that you can be sure that your generator is built to last. In fact, we have Jubilee Generators worldwide, some which have been running successfully for over 25 years. With the correct service and maintenance schedule, you can be sure that your power investment will last the distance. That’s why at Jubilee Energy we have a 24/7 service department dedicated to looking after your needs.